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Johnson Home

1st Floor Landing

Clients brief - the meeting point to the master bedroom, kids room, main bathroom & a large office. This area lacks natural light. 

Our vision - To create a bright space using bright furniture, creating an illusion of light with a focal light fixture, that not only gives out good lighting but also sets the mood of luxury into this space that is carried out into the other rooms. 


Johnson Home


Clients brief, to transform a current kids snug/play room, to accommodate the growing teenagers & young adults. This room was lacking storage so this was one of the main points we had to focus on.


Our Vision, to make sure the room accommodates and works well with both age groups. I wanted this room to be luxurious yet cosy for the teenagers to enjoy movie nights, games night or hosting friends at home. Ample seating & generous space for storage was crucial in this room so we needed to carefully select the two main pieces of furniture that would do just that.

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Rock Cottage

300 Year Old Cottage

Brief - Complete Modernisation throughout the cottage. 

Our Vision - This Beautiful Cottage by the sea is a family holiday home but will be going on booking.com and be used as a holiday rental. We wanted to recreate the the tranquility of the natural surrounding of the cottage and bring it inside by combining a variety of styling elements using Nautical, Bohemian & Contemporary styling. 


Warburton Project -
Altrincham 2 Bedroom Apartment 

Completion Date - 16/8/21

Brief -Fully furnish & style this new build 2 bedroom apartment using neutral tones. 

Our Vision - This Beautiful 2 Bedroom apartment sits in one of Cheshire's most desirable town centres, Altrincham. 

This sophisticated apartment will become a bachelor pad for an executive client. 

I wanted to make sure every inch of this apartment was maximised to its full potential. With all apartments I tend to find Bespoke furniture will help me to achieve the desired design I have in mind. Wardrobes, sofas, blinds.  


IMG_1320 2.HEIC

Gill Project - Completed 
kitchen Extension 


Completion Date - 16/8/21





Brief -A full rear extension including a Kitchen & a large living area.




Clients Brief- To create a flowing layout for this large open space.

Our Vision - To create 2 zones. 

Zone 1: TV zone 

Zone 2: Reading/Chill out Zone.  


Mathen Project
Victorian Hone Makeover Lounge Room and Front Entrance  

Completion Date - 4/10/21


Victorian Home Makeover.

This beautiful home is situated in Heaton Moor and is one of the oldest standing homes in the area. 

Brief -This Victorian Home required a complete makeover. Our main focus was the front Entrance and the formal Lounge room. 

My clients wanted a luxurious feel, but at the same time we wanted a space where they can unwind after a long day at work. 

I wanted a colour that will add a luxury and warm feel to this room. I also needed a colour that will work well with Gold and black elements to help me create the elegancy my clients were after.


When I seen the elegant blue tone in the De Nimes by Farrow and Ball I knew I had found the perfect start to this project.



DrThurwell Project  
Entrance Project 


Completion Date - 15/11/20





Clients Brief -To create an inviting entrance with some luxury elements. My client also required some storage to help keep the kids shoes, school bags and coats tidy. 

Our Vision- I choose a calming and inviting colour palette to give this entrance that cosy feeling. I added texture on the walls through the wallpaper & Roman blinds.

The most important piece was the 

bespoke storage cupboard I designed to fit in the existing alcove. This piece of furniture will help keep all the current shoes, coats and school bags hidden away to keep this area tidy.  


IMG_4551 3.HEIC

Lounge room Project 


Completion Date - 25/11/20





Clients Brief -To create a cosy retreat. This room will be used to unwind after putting the kids to bed. Both clients are Doctors so the need for a space to wind down after a busy day was the main requirement.  

Our Vision- To rebuild both cupboards which will add height to this area.


I wanted to use a bold colour to give that cosy feel when the fire is on. I also knew they had a love for African books and these were very colourful so a black background would allow them to pop. 

I also found this gorgeous coffee table which is a perfect match to the oak shelf above the fireplace. 




MBE - Johnson
Master Bedroom Project 


Completion Date - 13/10/20





Clients Brief - To create a luxurious Hotel feel. 

Our Vision- Emperor bed with a high head board, bespoke fitted wardrobes. Lots of height to take advantage of the large high ceilings. 

Mirrored panels and gold accessories were used to create that Hotel luxurious feel, along with the sitting zone where my clients can enjoy a cup of tea in or just sit and read a book or newspaper in the mornings.